• What is an affiliate program "Gambling Craft"?

    The affiliate program is an instrument of interaction between webmasters and online casinos. Use our advertising materials on your websites, blogs and other resources. Start working with our affiliate program and make money by acquiring new players.

  • How do I register in the affiliate program?

    To register in the affiliate program, please, fill in the form on the website and indicate the sources of your traffic. Our manager will contact you within 48 hours for more details.

  • Where can I get my referral link?

    All promotional materials can be found in the PROMO MATERIALS section of your partner office.

  • What kind of promotional materials do you provide?

    The affiliate program provides a full range of necessary promotional materials for your campaigns. Banners, demo games, video, landing page, branding - if you still can not find the promo you need, please, contact our manager, we will prepare a perfect variant just for you.

  • I do not have a website, can I become a partner?

    Sure. If you have any other sources of traffic, please, contact us, we will discuss the most convenient model of cooperation.


  • What conditions of cooperation do you offer?

    "Gambling Craft" affiliate program offers cooperation on several payment methods: RevenueShare - in this case our Partner receives a percentage of the difference between the players' deposits and their winnings. CPA is a model of cooperation in which the advertiser pays for the action performed by the user on his website. Hybrid = CPA + Rev.Share. You can receive both a fixed fee for the player and % of the casino revenue for this player. All the new webmasters are connected to the RevenueShare tariff by default. All the other methods of cooperation you can discuss with our managers.

  • What is the RevenueShare tariff and how is it formed?

    The RevenueShare tariff implies the receipt of a % of the casino income from all the players given by the Webmaster. For more information about the RevenueShare tariff calculation formula, see Financial Questions.

  • How much will I earn?

    We do not limit the maximum level of income of our webmasters. The more players you acquire, the higher the level of your income.

  • How can I advertise a casino?

    Are you the owner of a website, blog or thematic video channel? Post banners or articles on your resource with a casino link. You can post a banner on your website, use the "Pay per Click" system to redirect users to the casino and post interesting articles with a casino link. We are categorically against spam in any form!

  • What will happen if the players win more than lose?

    If your partner income for the accounting period is negative, all the minuses will be written off at the beginning of the next period. Each accounting period starts from 0, minus is not carried over to the next periods.

  • What are the ways to withdraw earnings from the partner program?

    Webmasters can withdraw the affiliate income to such payment systems as: - Ecopayz; - Piastrix; - Capitalist; - Webmoney; - Credit card. Payment in the form of direct bank transfers is possible for companies and enterprises. You can specify several payment details and fill out an application for any of them.

  • When are the earned funds withdrawn?

    Requests for withdrawal, submitted immediately after the end of the accounting period on the 1st-2nd and 16th-17th of the current month, are paid within 5 working days. The requests, submitted not in the specified period, are frozen and payments are transferred to the next reporting period.

  • How do I change my payment details?

    To change payment details, or add another pay-system, please contact our manager in any convenient, see Contact.

  • By what formula is RevenueShare calculated?

    The remuneration of the webmaster, who cooperates under the RevenueShare scheme is calculated by the formula: WebmasterProfit = ((In - CashierInFee - RoyaltyFee) - (Out + CashierOutFee - RoyaltyFee)) * RevenuePercent WebmasterProfit - Net earnings of webmaster (your income). In - The amount of the player's deposits. CashierInFee - Payment systems commission for incoming payments (deposits). RoyaltyFee - Commission of game providers and commission of the game platform in total. Out - The amount of the player's withdrawals. CashierOutFee - Payment systems commission for outgoing payments (withdrawals). RevenuePercent - The percentage of webmaster income according to the tariff plan. IMPORTANT. The following symbols are accepted in the interface of the partner program: In-CashierInFee-RoyaltyFee displayed as a single value In (Amount of deposits). Out+CashierOutFee-RoyaltyFee displayed as a single value Out (Withdrawals) Thus, a simplified formula for calculating the earnings of a webmaster (in the interface - your income), under the RevenueShare scheme looks like that: WebmasterProfit = (In - Out) * RevenuePercent